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The 60/40 portfolio is officially dead. Bonds are risky, stocks are risky. So, what’s an investor to do in a risky world?




Trivia Question: What is the first recorded bubble in history? Scroll to the bottom for the answer.

Markets & Investing

Market Overview (8/4-8/11)



– 2.51%



– 2.53%



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– 2.89%

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VALUATIONS MATTER: Top 4 US equity market valuation indicators, updated weekly with commentary.


🆕 The 60/40 Portfolio Is Dead. Investing in the 2020s is going to be a lot more difficult than previous decades. To stay ahead of the curve, consider a highly diversified portfolio that allows you to account for various scenarios and protect/grow your wealth during this time.


DIVE DEEPER: Find out why the 60/40 portfolio is dead and how you can stay ahead of the curve ➡️



Build Wealth With Set & Forget Investing. Many investors are just looking for a way to generate consistent investment returns long term with minimal management to build wealth. By utilizing robo advisors, you can build wealth long term with minimal time invested.


Ready to build wealth with set & forget investing? Keep Reading ➡️



helicopter money

🆕 Quantitative Easing 2008 Vs. Now. Quantitative easing is an unconventional policy used to print new money in a crisis. However, there is a huge difference between quantitative easing in 2008 vs. 2020 that has potentially massive implications on investing in this decade.


Find out why quantitative easing in 2020 is likely to lead to inflation… Keep Reading ➡️


Grow Your Wealth By Understanding Inflation. One of the open secrets to growing your wealth is understanding inflation. Yet, most people don’t really understand it. We know that things were much cheaper a few decades ago, but we don’t always grasp how it erodes our purchasing power over time.


Learn a key foundational concept to build, grow, and keep your wealth… Keep Reading ➡️


Personal Finance

piggy bank


🆕 Top 5 Savings Accounts/No Penalty CD Rates​. While savings interest rates are very low nationally, there are a few online banks that offer significantly better interest rates while still giving you easy access to your money whenever you need it. Online savings accounts are an easy way to earn interest on cash that you are saving up for a big expense like a down payment on a home or even just your emergency savings. Check out our top 5 savings accounts/no penalty CDs.


Top 5 Rewards Credit Cards. Make your credit card work for you when you pay the balance in full every month. By thoughtfully picking credit cards, you can earn rewards redeemable for serious cash back, travel, or other rewards. Check out our top 5 rewards credit cards in September 2020.


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If wages had kept up with inflation the last few decades, the average full time salary in America would be $102,000.


Ray Dalio warns the US is in a period of great risk. His primary thought? Diversify!


Nikola’s hyped stock craters after founder Trevor Milton forcefully resigns. Find out what prompted the resignation over the weekend.


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Answer: Tulip Mania


Fun Fact: Between 1634 and 1637, the price of tulip bulbs skyrocketed to over 100 times gold. Within the same year, the price of tulip bulbs dropped below 1634 levels.

tulip mania


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